Deploy smarter, not harder. Deploy to AWS with ease.

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InfraLaunch enables effortless app deployments to AWS. Allowing you to focus on writing code. Not managing infrastructure. And definitely not writing deployment scripts.

Imagine Developer Experience as good as Heroku/Vercel but on your own AWS. Save time, money, and your sanity.

Launching March 2024

Your Own Cloud
Link your own AWS account. Deploy and stay in total control of your own cloud.
Config as Code or via Dashboard
Configure your deployments any way you want.
Push to deploy
Link your repository and push to deploy.
Preview Deployments
Effortless fullstack preview deployments for every branch.
VPS, Containers and Workers
Automatic CDN; Autoscaling & self-healing; Scale without breaking a sweat.
Serverless functions with zero configuration. Scale on demand.
DNS & SSL certificates
Auto-renewing SSL certificates and DNS management.
Create, manage, scale, and restore your traditional and serverless databases.
Easily add DynamoDB or Redis based caching to your application.
Add disk or object storage to your application with a single click.
Asyncronously process large amounts of jobs.
Easily monitor your infrastructure with logs and metrics that are automatically setup.
Automatically provision a network that's optimized for security.
Database backups
Don't worry about manually backing up your databases.
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