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Architecture For V1 Launch

1:58AM - Apr 24, 2023

For the technically minded, here's a quick overview of the architecture for the V1 launch. Keep in mind, this post will act as a quick gist of what we have today. Different future posts will dig deeper into each of these components.


Internal API Core

Heart of the entire application. Makes the deployment to AWS and coordinates all communication between AWS and the clients.

Tech Used: Typescript, AWS SDK.

Private Client CLI

This is a fully functional CLI that can be used to deploy any given application and manage it's entire lifecycle. Sort of an internal MVP of the product that is being used to test the entire featureset.

Tech Used: Typescript, commander.

May be open sourced in the future.

Backend / Frontend (Dashboard)

This is a full-stack Next.js based web application that manages all the user facing logic, the SaaS features and provides the API for the public SDK's and the Client CLI.

Also supports additional feature-set that is hard to provide via the CLI like rollbacks, deployment information, backup management, metric monitoring etc.

This will also expose a public API that can be used to programmatically interact with various functionalities. You will be able to do anything that you can do with the CLI, SDK and the Dashboard via the API.

Tech used: Next.js, Typescript, SQS, Aurora, S3.

Public Client CLI

This will be the public facing CLI that'll be used to coordinate deployments and to make the entire process as easy as possible. Will fully support running on CI/CD platforms like Github Actions, CircleCI, etc.

Tech Used: Typescript, commander, fetch.

Client SDK's

Simple Typescript based SDK that'll make it easy to programmatically interact with the deployment. Parts of it will be a thin wrapper around the public API that will just act as as syntactic sugar.

There will be a client side component to it which will make working with S3 and CloudFront a breeze.

Tech Used: Typescript, fetch.

Depending on demand, we may also build this in other languages like Python, Ruby, Rust, Go, Swift, Java, etc.

Hello World

11:08PM - Apr 23, 2023

For a long time now, I have been looking for an easy way to deploy apps to AWS. Something that offers the ease of Vercel or Heroku but with the power and extensibility of AWS. Something that can support all the different tech stacks imaginable.

Now, there are services out there that can let you do this. And while they all have their strong points, nothing comes close to the user experience of Laravel Vapor. It's a wonderful service built for Laravel users to easily deploy their apps to AWS Lambda. It handles all the heavy lifting for you and it's very easy to get started with it. But it's only for Laravel users.

They say the best tools are those that come out of an internal pain-point.

So we decided to build a service that offers the same ease of use combined with the power of AWS but with a lot more flexibility around its usage. Say hello to InfraLaunch!

What is InfraLaunch?

InfraLaunch is a service that lets you deploy your apps to AWS with ease. It's built for developers and companies who want to deploy their apps to AWS but don't want to deal with the infrastructure themselves.

Imagine a Developer Experience as good as Vercel or Heroku but deployed on your own cloud infrastructure. Helping you save time, money and sanity.

Cool, when can I use it?

Going to launch InfraLaunch officially in early September 2023. We're currently in private beta and are looking for beta testers. If you want to be a beta tester, please fill out your email here and we'll be in touch.

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